Saturday, February 13, 2016

Like animals

Hi sweeties,
Lately I didn't had much energy to do anything. If it were up to me, I would stay in bed all day every day lol. But I always say to myself that I have to get up, I have to go outside, I have to do my work... Mainly I think it's the lack of sun, but anyway, I had the pleasure to shoot something very nice for today. The outfit I'm wearing goes more to the punk, edgy style. My Romwe PU leather pants are an excellent choice for such a look; wished I took a size down though :)

What I wore:
- Chicwish fake fur coat ( find it here)
- Romwe pants ( find them here)
- Bershka top
- Forever21 shoes
- Mango fringed bag ( find some fringed bags here)

Now this Mango bag is so cute and all, but I was so disappointed in Mango because I made a complaint regarding the state of the bag when I received it - it had scratches and all... I couldn't send it back cause my bf gave it to me as a present and "destroyed all the evidence" before I can see that he ordered something. The reason why I didn't buy it myself is that although they said - all the accessories at 70% off, the bag had the same price as when it was on Sale period. Nothing changed. So a big thumbs down Mango! I also did a customer complain, but naturally they will not answer a little girl like me :). I hate it when big brands think they're too good for the ordinary people...!
Anyway, I just wanted to get that in the open...hope you don't mind ;)
See you tomorrow :D !

Pretty Pink Vday

Hi guys,
So what are your plans for Valentine's Day? I'll be probably having a dinner at a restaurant, although I'm a bit sad because the weather is simply dreadful here :(. To make the mood a tad happier, I thought I should bring you a Vday special post with a lot of favorite pink and red items that I've trolled out from Shopbop
Warring, very girly material to follow :)!

I mostly love introducing new brands and new arrivals that consist of my personal trend-book of every month. So for this month, considering the Vday period and all, here are my personal faves:

Think pink

1. Leur Logette - Sweet Rose Dress (such a pretty day dress )
2. Eberjey - bra and panties ( a must-have underneath )
3. - love potion with straw 
4. Oscar de la Renta - Bold Teardrop Medium Clip On Earrings
                                                5. Giuseppe ZanottiLeather Platforms
                                               6. Rebecca Minkoff - Love Coin Purse
                                         7. Madewell  - Keylight Cuff Bracelet

So these are my pink faves for this month. I really hope you enjoy your Valentin's day sweeties!
Stay tuned for an outfit post later :D

Friday, February 12, 2016

Haters will..hate!

Hi guys,
My post for today is for all the bloggers out there, and of course, all my readers that continually have to face haters, these brainless people who, instead of having a constructive critic, which I always embrace (just ask my friends), love to leave trashy, despicable comments, that just love polluting your day! 
I usually ignore these types of people and generally don't give them much attention, but I see nasty comments to my fellow bloggers as well, so I thought I should express my thoughts regarding the situation.

Main question is: why are they hatin'? I mean, sure, I don't love everyone, but I'm not sitting all day just dropping negative comments to the people I don't like, I just ignore them! Like today, I had a nasty comment from someone, something like "yeah, cheap sh*it that nobody buys". Excuse me miss that I don't dress only in Chanel. My mom wasn't a billionaire and I didn't marry some rich guy for his money. I like fashion. I like dressing up the way I feel, and yes, sure, as a blogger you get free stuff THAT I CHOOSE! So I never wear things I don't like or that I'm paid to promote. I choose and newsflash - magazines do the same. But we are choosing what to show, and if a t-shirt is just 4$ on a website, well, you cannot expect to be super high quality cause the price reflects the quality. Always. 
There are people out there who cannot afford to give 50$ for a tee, so yeah, I'm pointing out that you can get one for 4$, not that high quality, but it's still cute. Sometimes even cutter than an expensive one! If you want to talk about crappy things, take a look in the mirror and see what crap looks like. There I said it!

I know I saw a movie and a guy said that when you start having haters, you start to be famous. Well, I don't want that. I just do my blog with a passionate sense towards fashion. If you can see my Instagram or even my blogger platform, they're not high quality things that look like taken from a magazine. I do my own make-up, my own hair, I don't own a stylist or a PR, heck, I even write and publish on the blogspot platform, I don't own a website ! Why? Because I feel like this is the real blogging attitude. And yes, I don't buy my followers or anything, and yes this thing is regressing me, but I don't care. I do it for the love of blogging and sure, I like when people feel inspired by my outfits or when I get opportunities to work with brands and stuff, but I'm not selling myself; it's still me. It's still the same girl who started blogging a few years ago and felt that this blog and everything that came along changed her life. Cause it did. I feel more organized, I'm always updated with trends and everything and know that like art, fashion is subjective too, so if you feel that you don't like me or my outfits or I accessorized a wrong pair of shoes, then you can leave a constructive critic, not like raised in the jungle shitty attitude. 

So this is for my fellow bloggers who experience hatred comments every other day - let them talk - we have a saying in Romania - Câinii latra, ursul merge! - I'll let you Google translate that one ;)

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Vday on the way

Hi guys,
Looks like Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I think it's only natural that we choose to wear colours like pink or red. Don't get me wrong, I love a pink dress just as much, but I felt it would be more interesting to wear a white dress with a pink coat for instance. I've matched it up with a pair of t-strap heels that I had for a while now... curious about the look? Well, just scroll down and see what I wore :).

What I wore:
- From Warsaw dress 
- Romwe coat ( find it here)
- Zara shoes ( t-strap heels)
- Zara clutch

Really hope you like my look for Valentine's day, guys!
Thank you so much for stopping by :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Hi guys,
Although the rain didn't stop today and I know most of you don't expect an outfit of the day post, well, know that the outfit I'm wearing was actually from last Sunday. I didn't do an outfit post that day, but that doesn't mean that I didn't had an outfit to show :).
I have on my gorgeous Hedonia dress that I styled in a casual, chic look, matching it with my beautiful tribal jacket from SheIn. I think it really makes a perfect look! 

What I wore:
- Hedonia dress ( find it here)
- SheIn jacket (find it here)
- Zara shoes 
-Zara clutch 

Hope you like the look, guys!

Monday, February 8, 2016

The reality

Hi guys,
A new week has started and yes, I spent yesterday more in bed. I just went out a little bit and then came straight back as I wasn't feeling very well. How can you feel good when everything around you is slowly degrading ? I will spear you  the conspiracy theory and go straight to facts: a lot of immigrants, wage rate so freaking high, high taxes, no facilities...even the funds for cleaning the streets or green spaces have been cut off. And that's the reality, guys, we're heading towards a really bad situation and it's going to affect us, the simple people. I know that through my blog I have a voice, and I don't know if you're interested in politics and stuff like that, but I felt like I had to get that off of my chest.
Now, on a more fashionable matter of life, I'm back with a new outfit post that is quite simple and easy to pull off, heading for a more nautical style, but still saving that comfy air to it.
I'm wearing a pair of white Guess jeans ( I really have to find some skinny ones as well), Choies velvet body, a pair of comfortable Cocorose London shoes, the Carnaby Nautical design,very trendy and cool, cross-body bag from Zara (old collection) and if you're wondering about the iphone case, know that it's from TOMTOP and it features a place to hold cards as well.

What I wore:
- Choies velvet bodysuit ( find it here)
- Guess jeans
- Cocorose London shoes ( find them here)
- Zara bag
- TOMTOP iphone case with cards holder ( find it here)

I hope you like the look, guys! 

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Si, me vuelves loca...

Ola chicas y chicos,
Hope your weekend is going well. I'm a bit late today because I had a busy day and this evening I wanted to make something sweet. I usually go to Tasty on Facebook and choose something quick and cool :D. It's in the oven now, so let's hope it comes out right!
So, I'm back with another perfect sleek look for a Saturday night out. Wearing my gorgeous dress from Hedonia, Stuart Weitzman sandals and of course, Nude Diamond Luer necklace.
I just know you'll adore this fine look <3

What I wore:
- Hedonia dress ( find it here)
- Stuart Weitzman sandals ( available at Shopbop, find them here)
- Guerlain purse 
- Nude Diamond Luer necklace ( find it here)

I feel like an elegant outfit really deserved some really fine jewellery like a diamond necklace or diamond earrings, don't you think so? 
I really hope you like the look guys, don't hesitate to leave a comment with your honest opinion.