Monday, May 4, 2015

No pierdas el tiempo

Hi guys,
Well, seems like I couldn't let a day go by without updating my blog and sharing with you a beautiful look I totally love featuring my new ZNU. dress...
See, I figured time goes by so feakin' fast and I just want to cherish and put my whole focus and heart into every post cause sooner or later I'll be leaving this ootd gig and maybe just write you know...
I'm getting old lol, this year I'll be 26 years old...wow! So, here's an amazing look, guys that I hope you like ! 

What I wore:
- ZNU. dress ( find it here)
- Gucci sandals
- Parfois clutch

I'll be sure to be back tomorrow with a new awesome post ! <3
Thank you for visiting my blog and thank you so much for your support and appreciation. 
In the month of June I'll be sure to host a little Giveaway on the blog <3

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Low blood pressure

Hi guys,
We are officially ending another week. Summer is close, the weather is slightly better ( well, it's raining here in Brussels, but it's not very cold) and although most of you are planning vacations and everything, seems like this year will be just work-work-work for me. :)
I don't really mind actually cause I'll always have a monthly pause in Romania, so that will be ok. Maybe an awesome vacation for Christmas ? Who knows...
I bet you're all excited to check out today's look...well, here it is! A lovely comfy outfit, with my TOMTOP dress which is amazing for this season, very light and cool, my oldies but goodies Zara boots and a fringe bag I had for a while now.

What I wore:
- TOMTOP dress ( find it here)
- Zara boots, hat and sunnies
- Men at Work fringed tassel 

How do you find the look? Is it something you'd wear?
Can't wait to read all your comments <3
Thank you for visiting my blog <3

Saturday, May 2, 2015


Hi guys,
Yes, "back so soon" hahaha, but I have this amazing look I'd like to share with you. Today, a friend of mine had a wedding he was going to. I didn't go, but if I did, I would have totally worn this awesome dress from Romwe. Just look at it, its color, its design, in my opinion, affordable style!
The only thing I don't really like is that it's a bit transparent, but it has a double underneath, so it's ok, you will not show what you don't have to :)
Recently I like braids so much that I thought for this look a braid would fit perfectly. Because I'm moving my stuff is all over the place, well, my place and my future place, so I found these cute sandals from Zara. Wish the straps were more thin and delicate, but it was the best I could find.

I'll let you now look into my new ootd along with a great song I recently discovered:

What I wore:
- Romwe dress ( find it here)
- Zara sandals 
- Swarovski earrings and bracelet
- H&M clutch

Hope you like this elegant look. Keep in mind that the maxi dress can be worn as well with flats as a day dress.
Don't hesitate to leave your honest opinion in the comment box below ! <3

Press Days Antwerp

Hi guys, 
As you all know, I had a pretty busy week, besides running my shop in Brussels and updating my street style section on my blog on a daily basis, I made some time to visit some brands during Press Days in Antwerp, being invited by Feinest Labels.
A few brands were present, From Warsaw, Nude DiamondBurton SnowboardsUNiCKZSouâd FerianiBlack EyeComme les LoupsKlaar Devillé and Mizu Life.
I really love this events, mainly because you get to know the story from behind.
For instance, Comme les Loups came from necessity, necessity of having elegant, yet chic bows. The story goes that the designer ( Isabel Naesens), had to do a bowtie for her sister's wedding, so from there, she started doing more and more and so, got the notoriety to start her own brand. 

An awesome brand, and one of my personal favorites is From Warsaw. Elegant, minimal chic is how I would describe it.
The designer, Daria Gora, always seeks to do quality clothing for beautiful women who have an eye for style and elegance.

Another clothing brand, this time specialised in shirts, is Souâd Feriani. 
The thing with this brand is that all its shirts fits every body type, they are not one size, but are designed in a way that looks good on each and every person. They are as well so simple to style !
The designer, Souâd Feriani, is also a very warm person. <3

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but a new way to design them into jewellery is something so interesting on the market. The plan: don't encrust , just practically hang them so they can benefit a full shininess from any angle. The result: a fine diamond product, beautiful and innovating, thanks to cofounders Gary Pill and Fabrice Elfassy.

And because everyone loves comfy shoes,  UNiCKZ combines chic with comfy, styling up Converse sneakers and Timberland boots into awesome shoe wear.

The other designers weren't on the set, but I had seen as well some awesome pieces. I really like to hear the story and pass it on from them. 
Maybe next time :)
Stay tuned for my new ootd coming up next !

Friday, May 1, 2015

Romanian Flavour

Hi guys,
Well, hate us or love us, we're still around, in every country. Some of you mistake us for the gypsies who steal from shops, or label us just because you met the wrong Romanian guy or girl, but we still fight, we still work, we still try to prove that Romanians can be good, trustworthy people.
I always go by the saying "Each forest has its own brushwood". That's our case exactly. :)
I'm part of that side of the forest where everything is green and evolving. I like to live a constructive life and that's why I wanted to open my own little food shop right here, in the heart of Brussels, mainly with Romanian products, but also with fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc.
If you're ever around and would like to visit, the address is Rue Haute 174 ( 1000 Bruxelles).
Turning a food shop article into a fashionable one is not to hard for me. Truth be told, I had great help from Snapmade, the online boutique that has Personalized Gifts and of course, custom t shirts ! 
So here is today's look featuring my custom t-shirt, designed by me, perfect for work and looking chic on the street.
Who doesn't love a double utility ?

What I wore:
- Snapmade tee ( make your own here)
- Choies skirt
- Zara sandals and bag

So, I really hope you like my article and my look as well. It will probably generate contradictions, but I don't care. I'm proud to be Romanian ! :)

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Silence of the Lambs

Hello sweeties,
Yet another full day and here I am, home at last. I was super happy to attend the Havaianas event in Antwerp, which was very cool. But all of that in a future post scheduled for this weekend, so stay tuned! ^^
For this event I played the "serious/cool" card. A chic look with this cool blazer I had from PersunMall for quite awhile now, my new crochet top from TOMTOP and  Bershka cutted jeans. For the accessory part, I kept it golden! So, gold sandals, gold handbag, and gold name necklace from Innecklace.
Here's what came out

What I wore:
- PersunMall blazer
- Bershka jeans
- TOMTOP crochet top ( find it here)
- Zara heels
- Romwe purse
- InNecklace name necklace ( get your own here)

So, what do you think about this awesome look?
It's very casual, yet chic and everything....it's even hot for a date if you ask me. ^^
I must apologise for my none existing pedicure, but I wanted to let my feet breathe, nails and all. :)
Thank you very much for visiting and have a lovely night! I for one am beat --